HF Cow
HF Cow is tested under various quality parameters to ensure its high quality. This cow is widely known for their super quality milk production which helps in increasing good cholesterol in body by disposing the bad cholesterol. This milk keeps you healthy and energetic too.
Murrah Buffalo
Murrah Buffalo is widely provided to our customers, of high quality. This buffalo offers milk which is a good source of proteins and minerals with low cholesterol and sodium. This gives up to 8-16 litres of milk on a daily basis. This buffalo is very cost effective and safe to use.
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cow contains very less amount of fat with high protein and calcium. This cows milk is very essential for those who are suffering from multiple diseases. This type of cow is available at fair prices in market. This cow is very effective as well as economical to use.

Gir Cow
Gir Cow offered by our company, provides milk which is more disease resistance as compared to other breed buffaloes. This cow is good for healthy bones, dental and other body parts too. This cow is widely available in bulk quantities, at reasonable rates, for our valued customers.
Desi Cow
Desi Cow offered, is one of the high grades of cow breeds which is mostly used for high production of milk. This cows milk is very rich in protein and calcium. This cow is very cost effective and can be easily availed at cheaper rates, at nominal pricing. 

Dairy farmers can now place minimum order of 5-10 cows and(or) buffaloes of breeds of their choice!
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